Today there are many interpretations on what the mark of the beast is but that is the key problem, they are interpretations and or assumptions. For those who actually do understand Bible prophecy such as all the early Protestants, the translators of the King James Bible and even one of the greatest scientist who ever lived like Sir Isaac Newton to name just a few, the identity of the beast was as well-known and understood to them as is this beast kingdom stating what they say their mark is which is also fully supported by scripture. So why are the majority oblivious to or ignoring these two very crucial facts? And why has the truth on why we have so many Protestant Churches today being lost? This is a huge and very significant piece of Church history that cannot and should not be ignored.

Most people assume that the mark will be some form of technology like a biochip or verichip but these same Mark of the beastpeople do not realize that you cannot buy or sell unless you have the mark or the name or the number of the beast. So what good would it be if it was technology as there are two other options to choose from?

Satan has a counterfeit for most things of God and the mark of the beast is no exception which is the counterfeit for the seal of God which goes in our forehead only. Is God going to implant us with some high tech microchip in our forehead? Obviously not and looking at what the seal of God is also gives another very strong clue to Satan's counterfeit.

God is not into science fiction and yet that is what many Christians seem to think this issue is all about. So many have portrayed this end time event like some fascinating science fiction movie, but this issue is actually the “final climactic event” to something very important to God that has affected Him for all of Church history and long before. So right before the second coming, God is going to say enough and clarify this issue and then one has to choose who they are going to worship and we either get the mark of the beast or the seal of God.

The Bible in Revelation 14 informs us that those who accept this apocalyptic mark will incur the full wrath of God and so we know it is something extremely important to Him. The most important theme found in scripture is the issue of sin and God sending His Son to die for our sins, and without forgiveness of our sins we would also incur the full wrath of God being fire and brimstone.

Scripture also informs us that sin is breaking God's law and that those who do not get the mark of the beast are those who worship God only and go through tribulation but very significantly still keep the Commandments of God through Christ like faith. So here we have one of the best clues of all. To back this up further, the Bible also states twice that keeping the Commandments of God is to be a sign upon our hands and forehead, which is the exact same location of the mark of the beast. Is this a coincidence? Not a chance!

And why do so few people know about this solar seal below that has 36 numbers where every row including the Mark of the beast solar sealdiagonals adds up to 111, but more significantly, all 36 numbers add up to the number of the beast which you will notice is found under the 6 * 6 matrix of numbers.

This solar seal is from Babylon and they are becoming extremely scarce and very hard to find as this solar seal sheds a lot of truth on the real origin of the number 666. As we drawer nearer to the closing days of this planets history, Satan does everything in his power to add confusion and hide anything that would reveal the real truth on this topic.

If you ask Christians what the mark is, most will erroneously tell you that it is 666 which is the number of the beast and Revelation 13 reveals it is separate to the mark. And if you ask Christians who the beast is, most will tell you that it is Satan, and yet Revelation 20 reveals that Satan and the beast as two separate entities.

There can be no mistake that the majority have no idea what the real truth is on this topic and that most are just speculating at all levels and cannot back up their theories with solid scripture at all.

So the purpose of this site is to reveal the real truth on the mark of the beast from scripture and history with no assumptions or speculation whatsoever. Please continue with the mark of the beast for an index to all pages of the individual topics of this end time event.